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Do you need repining or rerouting services for your home or office? The great thing is you can use our services to detect the leak and to install new pipes.  You can consider us your one stop plumbing company.  The truth is, no pipe lasts forever and eventually your plumbing system will need to be worked on by a professional.  When you use our services we’ll make your home a comfortable and safe place in no time at all.  Our plumbers are available for immediate service and are qualified to help you with all of your plumbing needs today.

How to Know When You Need New Pipes

Having These Problems, Use Our Water Leak Detection Services

You can use our water leak detection services anytime you suspect you have a leak in your home or office.  Here are some of the common signs of a water leak:

  •  Appearance of mildew or mold
  • Foul smelling sinks or drains
  • Water meter spins when main valve shut off
  • Damaged walls or flooring
  • Excessive water bill
  • Phantom running water noises

Repair, Repipe, Reroute

Repair: This is done when the leak is detected, there is direct access to it, and a new pipe installation will solve the problem.

Repipe: This is done when the leak is detected under expensive flooring or when there are multiple leaks in the same area.  In this scenario, a new line will be installed over the existing pipes.

Reroute: This is done when the pipes are leaking everywhere and the system has failed. An entire new system would be installed in it’s place.

Repipe FAQs

How long does a repipe take?

As you may already know, every plumbing job is unique, so no two repipes will take the same exact amount of time to complete.  With that being said, you can expect the total amount of time for this plumbing project to range from 2 to 5 days.

Will I be without water the entire time?

You should typically be without water for about 4 to 7 hours. However, if your leak is so serious that your water needs to be cut off to protect your home and valuables, then the amount of time to get your water back on will vary case by case.

Do I need to get a hotel room while the repiping is being done?

You should be able to live in your home will the repiping is being done.  Unless you’re dealing with an emergency level plumbing situation, your water will only be off for 4 to 7 hours.

Will I have a huge mess to clean up in the end?

You can count on us to clean as we work. You’ll be glad to know we don’t leave a mess for our customers.  When the project is done, your home will be as clean as it was before we ever stepped foot in your door.


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